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  hace 30 meses

Have you ever experienced rioting near you?

In my second year at university, me and 6 friends rented a student house in the Hyde Park area of Leeds - the notorious ‘Leeds 6’... At the time, it was in the same insurance bracket as the Bronx in New York!

It was handy as there was a small cinema at one end of our road and a large pub at the other end! There were many convenience stores in the area and we were on a number of bus routes to the university. Indeed, it was only a 10 minute walk to get to the campus...

Despite its reputation, we had no issues apart from 2 14 year olds trying to mug us one night at about 9pm whilst walking home! They didn’t get anything! LOL!

At the end of the academic year, we moved out as we had a different house in a posher area for the next year. I was sat at home watching the news a week later and there was a story about trouble in Leeds.

Our local pub had been raided over drugs and trouble ensued with rioting taking place. On the news, the rioters were fighting running battles with the Police and I saw them fighting right outside our house!!! I am glad we were not there at the time...

Have you ever experienced rioting near you?


  hace 30 meses
Mark behave :) the answer is Aye ....i lived right at the street .....happens the day look out for the news ! north Belfast !
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  hace 30 meses
Yes, there was a lot of small riots in Edinburgh when the G8 summit was taking place up at Gleneagles in 2005 (I think). My mum was visiting me and we were at a cash machine outside a bank when a group of anarchist rioters ran past with the police in pursuit. The bank manager came out and pulled us into the bank and locked the doors until police cleared the area. Later in the week we took a hop-on-hop-off bus tour and we had hopped off to go to some shops and then waited to hop back on but no buses came; when I phoned the bus company it was because the city centre was all backed up due to more riots and buses couldn't move. The rioters also tore up the flowerbeds in Princes Street Gardens - what's the point of that?!
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  hace 30 meses
Yes. When we lived near Moss Side in Manchester in 1981. We didn't know anything until we heard something about it on the local radio station next morning, even though some of the rioting during the night was on a parallel road behind our house. When driving to work we saw Police vans everywhere, with riot Police in them, and many destroyed shop fronts.
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  hace 30 meses
only rioting I have seen is someone doing the beer run haha
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  hace 30 meses
No all quiet on the western front I'm pleased to say.
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  hace 30 meses
Thankfully not Mark xx
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  hace 30 meses
No thankfully
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