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  hace 17 meses

What food recipes or cooking technique has your father taught you about?

When we say home cooked meals, what we mostly think about or what comes first to mind is that mothers are the ones responsible for it. But fathers do the wonders too when preparing foods at home. They also take part in teaching youngsters on how to do magic with the foods, making it delicious and memorable that kids would want to try preparing it too.

However, I can't remember my papa ever prepared foods at home. Our mama always wanted to prepare them and encourages us to do the cooking as well for us to learn more and be useful to our own benefit. I can only recall that my papa shared a technique in cooking adobo with little saucy soup without putting water in it. He said that after sauteing the meat, add the potatoes and carrots right away and let it sit until it waters because the potatoes and carrots have high water content. And with fish, it's better to remove or cut the parts that can't be eaten. He also shared what good we can get from eating vegetables and that some veggies can be eaten raw. I learned to love eating bell pepper because of those food ideas he told us. With my husband, I also learned that he can do very well in the kitchen when we already have kids. He often cook foods for us when he had a vacation last year.

What about you?

*Got the idea from the comment of Ms. Ai (NYLIREHS) :D

Credit to the owner of the photo


  hace 17 meses
My father is the official cook at home. (My mother rarely cooks and we push her away from the kitchen because she doesn't really know how to cook, haha!) My father's really good at it. He taught us how to make home made cassava cake, but can't still perfect the way he cooks them. Taught us how to cook "pinaupong manok" as well. That, I can cook on my own now.
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  hace 17 meses
My father taught me how to fry sunny side up egg. Na perfect ko kaagad hehe :-)
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  hace 17 meses
My father taught me how to cook Thai rice. Nothing fancy, just the simple one, but it did look weird to me when I first saw Lemon Yellow colored rice. The experience was ordinary, but it stuck in my mind until now, even the aroma of spices he used.
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  hace 17 meses
Wow! Thanks for mentioning my name beanie!
My father is actually a better cook than my mama. His specialty were kare kare, sinantol ( made of santol rinds), and TINUTO. The TINUTO's main ingredient is dahon ng Gabi..kelan ko lang natutunan ke papa na dapat pla huwag basain ang dahon ng Gabi, dahil kakati ito. Kaya naman pla nung try kong magluto, kinati mga nguso ng mga kabahay ko :D
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