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  hace 6 meses

Have you noticed many supermarket stock shortages ?

It's a newish problem , and seems to be getting worse . Until recently , I'd had no difficulty with my online grocery deliveries .
However , the last 3 have had items missing , due to being out of stock
They weren't substituted , which means that alternatives were out of stock too - yet these were everyday items , such as fresh pork chops .
To be honest , I find that hard to believe . There's a 100,000 shortfall in trucker numbers , due to European drivers going home , plus of course Covid , including the pingdemic . Steve Fellowes haulage in Burton-upon-Trent hauls for a supermarket , and is so short of staff , Steve himself has had to drive . Have you seen shortages ?


  hace 5 meses
Do you think that the supermarkets which are facing apparent stock shortages could actually just be the result of self-isolating staff following the new "ping" protocol? Thanks for sharing this topic, Steve!
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  hace 6 meses
Steve, missinformation brigade at it again, even the not biased BBC and our local press using old stock photos to stoke the fire, nothing short here in Bury St Edmunds!.
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  hace 6 meses
I was in the Co-operative yesterday. Many shelves were bare - particularly the paper goods. The bread section was almost empty with just a couple of loaves left. There was no chicken, but plenty of pork roasting joints.
But Neil pointed out to me the shelves were all full the day before. So this is people panicking and/or the influx of tourists.
It is only a wee shop with limited storage facilities so relies on its daily delivery.
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  hace 6 meses
Not yet, Steve. I noticed that there are two items in my next but one delivery order that are shown as unavailable (plums and celery) but it will be interesting to see if they’ve reappeared when I firm up the order in a couple of weeks’ time.
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  hace 6 meses
The bog roll bandits have struck again !
12 comentarios


  hace 6 meses
I noticed a few items out of stock on Friday evening; my friend who works there tells me they are getting deliveries; but over half of the staff have been 'pinged' to isolate ~ so nobody to put the stock on the shelves !!!
3 comentarios


  hace 6 meses
We had to Isolated a few weeks ago and i used sainsburies delivery and i have never once had a substitute or missing item from them. x
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  hace 6 meses
Not at all, Steve, they have been rumbling on about this for several weeks now. All shelves well stocked, even with items that normally run short when it gets hot. The local cold stores where fresh produce from the continent is delivered are still running as normal, and still throwing things away that will not have enough shelf life after transportation. Of the Europeans going home, no evidence of that hare in fact the opposite, with one Italian, and one Dutch family moving in near me. Of course, it may just be a regional problem, after all we are right on the continent's doorstep here, and if anything the number of continental lorries has gone up not down.
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  hace 6 meses
No bottled water anywhere xx
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  hace 6 meses
We live in Surrey, I went to our local Tesco in the week & couldn't believe the empty shelves, it is almost as bad as at the start of the pandemic.
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