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  Hace 27 días

#What I'm grateful for

I’m not going to focus on the death of the two people I was so very close to, both died during the beginning of Covid and that is that. I am just so very grateful that I had many years in which to love them while they were here on earth.
So much has happened during the lockdown months I spent almost twelve months in bed with sciatica that time was very hard for me because I am a doer I don’t generally lie or sit around doing nothing. I spent a lot of time with myself. What has come out of that time is I have changed so much. I am much calmer than before and so much more grateful for every day. Somehow the sky looks bluer the sun feels warmer the grass looks greener the air seems fresher and the flowers look brighter somehow.
I am so grateful for my family and that they are all safe and have come through this hard time stronger than they were before We all seem to be much closer to.
I don’t know how it happened, but my saving just kept going up and up so much that I was able to give some money away and help a few people who were in need, to be able to do that really does my heart good.
I feel the rest of this year and into the new year is going to be very exciting.
One more thing I am so very grateful for is my son, whose wife fell out with me seven years ago and wouldn’t let him or the children come to visit, he saw me in Sainsburys today and gave me the biggest hug my heart just melted the past unpleasantness was gone no cross words were spoken it was just pure love. If only we could all feel love like that, I don’t often if ever cry but I can tell you I shed a tear or two after he had gone.
I cant finish without mentioning my church a place of refuge and joy for me, I am happy that we are now fully reopened and I am focusing on ministry again.
Bring on tomorrow I’m ready. Enjoy the rest of your week once it gone you cant get it back.


  Hace 25 días
That is lovely that you met your son again. Responder
1 comentarios


  Hace 27 días
How lovely Rosemary, we're so glad to hear you were able to see your son :) Responder
1 comentarios


  Hace 27 días
Perhaps having sciatica saved you from haring about too much and getting Covid ! Responder
1 comentarios


  Hace 27 días
Wonderful, meeting your son like that and I hope the wife comes around so you can see the children. Families !!! Responder
3 comentarios


  Hace 27 días
That's so good you see you son Rose Responder
1 comentarios


  Hace 27 días
I'm so pleased you've seen your son. Responder
1 comentarios


  Hace 27 días
That is so heart warming about your Son Rose. Responder
1 comentarios


  Hace 27 días
I think when people face the worst they are grateful for the simple things in life Rose,lovely news about your son Responder
3 comentarios


  Hace 27 días
Nice one Rose . I wish I'd known Shirley a few years longer . Responder
1 comentarios

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