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Yesterday, billions of people across the globe found themselves without access to many of the social platforms they've come to love - and rely on. Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp were a few of the products affected, in an outage that lasted almost six hours. Additionally, other apps separate from the platform were affected, especially for those who rely on the "Login with Facebook" feature with others worrying how businesses around the world, using social media to connect with customers, could take an unexpected financial hit.

Its tech teams scrambled to bring the services back online and succeeded in doing so from around 10 PM on Monday evening before founder Mark Zuckerberg offered his apology to affected users - his personal fortune was also thought to have suffered a loss of around $6 billion USD yesterday as the outages caused its share prices to plummet.

The situation comes following an already turbulent time for the media magnate, with a whistleblower claiming that the company repeatedly prioritised "growth over safety," despite knowing the harm its products caused for society. The former employee, Frances Haugen, will testify before the US Senate in a hearing titled "Protecting Kids Online", to discuss the company's research into Instagram's effect on the mental health of young users.

At the same time, the US government has thrown a revised monopoly lawsuit against Facebook Inc, aiming to break up the company. The Federal Trade Commission alleges that Facebook took part in an anti-competitive strategy of buying companies, like Instagram and WhatsApp, in order to "neutralise" them as potential competitors. However, the agency did initially approve the deals previously, but now says they must be unwound.

Do you think that we are overreliant as a society on such services?

Have you been following the whistleblowing case of former employee Frances Haugen?

Would you agree that Facebook should be broken down and is currently a monopoly with its acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Influence your world,
Toluna Team


  hace 3 meses
I suppose everyone is terrified of change, but I'm confident that some good will emerge from these acquisitions. Some WhatsApp users have been misusing the service without being able to restrict it. Now we'd have a better understanding of how to track down the people who are abusing this app.
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  hace 3 meses
Facebook is a much needed tool that can be useful but if its causing harm then action needs to taken. People who does not see the problem with what FB is doing is only because it has not affected them or their kids personally. When it does affect their kids then those people want to are loud and want to be heard, which I personally believe is to late. Take action now to avoid it ever causing harm ever again. Marc Z. will only change how his operating FB once his kids are affected by what his doing to us.
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  hace 3 meses
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  hace 3 meses
No it should not be broken down since more people depent on it to access other websites.
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  hace 3 meses
I guess everyone is always afraid of change but I'm sure there are some good that could come out of this acquisitions. Some WhatsApp users have been abusing the platform without control. Now there would be some idea as to how to get to the people who misuse this application.
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  hace 3 meses
No it should not be broken down because many people depend on it communicate with loved one plus it allows users to chat with no data or access to wifi on Freemont and it is a great platform for organizations to promote its products and services
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  hace 3 meses
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  hace 3 meses
it was about time
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  hace 3 meses
Havent seen it
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  hace 3 meses
I think that we are not overrealiant on these apps because many businesses use these apps to make their money and these apps are a form of income for many influencers and companies. People also use these apps as a form of communication to their families who are currently in different parts of the world. I have not been following the Frances case on the news. The company Facebook should not be broken down because many job retrenchments would be taken place and buying out other social media platforms will make it harder for their competitors to make more money since 2 of their competitors were already bought. This has therefore become a successful company.
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