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  Hace 1 mes

Change please

While shopping yesterday I dropped into my local greengrocer for a couple of things.
Total cost $3.70.

As I went to pay, Miss/Ms/Mademaiselle/etc 18-19 year old at the check out reached for the EFTPOS machine as I said "wait Ill give you cash" which I did.

She was heard to say as she looked for change in the till "I don't think I have enough" so got out notes and coins to make up $26.30 in change.
4 x $5 notes 3 x $2 coins and lose change for 0.30.

As she handed it over I pointed out she was giving me too much. I only have her a $20 note so $26 back a was a good deal for me.

Her response as I have her back $10: "Im not very good with notes".
Not a good idea for someone who deals with money I'd say.

So is this a sign that the youngns of today no longer recognise what cash notes are?


  Hace 1 mes
often in shops i go to they reach for eftpos machine, and they are surprised when i say i will pay cash. But I do like your story and hope good things come to you for being so honest. Responder
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  Hace 1 mes
I think times have changed a lot now and quite often people rely more on technology and life skills sometimes aren’t always taught and used as much as they were. Responder
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  Hace 1 mes
Some can barely read write or add up, and have passed higher school certificate.
Education needs to go back to the basics ... reading, writing, arithmetic.
Curriculums are bogged down with unnecessary subjects. Everything is done on computers.
Phones and social media distract students.
University is similar. Pay high fees and teach yourself, disguised in the term .. adult learning.
If all this higher education is so good how do we end up with so many illiterate people.
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  Hace 1 mes
Chances are she'd have a phone in her back pocket with a calculator on it.....if the cash register doesn't calculate change, she should be using her phone to add up Responder
1 comentarios


  Hace 1 mes
I would also need a calculator and I don’t think it’s widespread because the person would be sacked before long. Don’t the cash registers tell you what change to give back? Responder
1 comentarios


  Hace 1 mes
The poor green grocer will be out of business as most people would have taken the change thank you very much.....R you're a good person Responder
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  Hace 1 mes
That's a big worry for the owner of that business, one wonders what the future holds omg! Responder
1 comentarios


  Hace 1 mes
They have no idea. Responder
1 comentarios


  Hace 1 mes
Yes, problem. Responder
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  Hace 1 mes
If the electricity does go down , we'll need to mine more coal , which will alter the time in attaining zero emissions , but that won't be an issue as the youngn's can't read the time on an analogue time piece anyway and digital requires power . We can then go back to the bartering system , where cash is no longer needed and coal can then be the currency standard ! Responder
1 comentarios

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