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  Hace 1 mes

Monday Movie Morbidity- The Father

Hi and welcome to this week’s post. Last night I watched ‘The Father’ with Anthony Hopkins. It won an academy award and I can see why because it was more horrifying than any horror movie I could critique and it is reality, so buckle up because this is going to scare you if you are the other side of 50.

From the title I thought the movie was going to have religious connotations. I had not read any reviews and I did not know anything about it prior to viewing. I may not have watched it if I had because I don’t want to feel this vulnerable again for a while!

It was not about God or about the word of God. It was about the slow but inevitable decline of the self, depicted by arguably the most skilful actor still riding the planet. What an extraordinary performance from this Man who can play just about any role and pull it off. This time he is playing the part of his life and giving the audience invaluable insight into what it is to slowly revert to the baby state where you are fully reliant upon others but cling desperately to your independence in a desperate attempt to keep your life on the rails.

The cinematography was paramount in this film. It took the audience with Anthony, the central character, being cared for by Anne, his surviving offspring. We are wired into his subjective experience. We feel his anger and frustration. We fully sense and interpret reality through the main protagonist. We begin to understand what it’s like when your mind starts to fail you. Initially it would seem like those around you are holding you hostage. Freedoms start to diminish and it’s unclear to the failing faculties why it’s being taken away.

Anne is trying to find a carer for Anthony. The previous one has left due to his angry outbursts and his refusal to accept that he needs help. Through his delusional mind we can see that he thinks the new carer is his other daughter who we find out died in some kind of accident. The seamless inter connectivity between delusion and reality is what gives this film its power. I found myself being pulled into his confusion and drowning in his own mind. The helplessness Anne feels and her final resignation to put him in a nursing home was so sad and gut wrenching that I find silent tears to be falling down my cheeks.

Anthony seems to come in and out of lucid thoughts, which I found to be so real and so intrinsic to the plot. I loved the way Anne was portrayed in this film as a Woman who could no longer cope. The final scene, where Anthony cries out for his Mummy, is the saddest of all. We feel so much love and sympathy for the loss of the self. It is a poignant reminder to us all that what we think is real is not the true reality, but merely manifestations of our own mind.

I have never had to put a loved one into a home, but I am sure anyone who has had experience with this would feel the pangs of guilt associated with leaving our most vulnerable in the hands of strangers, no matter how caring or capable they are. We need to care for our carers and pay them well, or we will find that the Western system of looking after our elderly will crumble and we will need to revert to the Asian way of caring for the elderly at home and the repercussions that has on the family unit, which are considerable. We need to stop thinking that our elderly are a burden or a cost, and start seeing them as people who have made their contribution and have now come full circle, entering into supportive and caring environments where people are close by to assist.

Without this nurturing attitude, we will be happy to see our parents rot in unsatisfactory conditions. One day it will be us needing the support and there won’t be any adequate and caring facilities for us to live out our final days.

So now I have REALLY scared you I am quite sure. Your panties are now filled with poo … I hope you can still clean it up yourself my dear friends.


  Hace 1 mes
Thanks for the review E another great movie to watch Responder
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  Hace 1 mes
Thanks for another well written critique qt and sounds like a very emotional one, have a lovely week. Responder
2 comentarios


  Hace 1 mes
A brilliant movie E, certainly made one think all the way through the movie. I totally enjoyed it and cried. Responder
1 comentarios


  Hace 1 mes
Love your last line and yes, so far thank God. The movie sounds heart-wrenching and I doubt I would be able to watch it, too depressing at my age! Responder
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  Hace 1 mes
Yes, enjoy Monday. Responder
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  Hace 1 mes
Another well written and excellent review qt. Can't fault Anthony Hopkins.
You're right about guilt of placing loved ones in nursing homes and the changes that need to be done.
Take Care Pretty Girl.
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  Hace 1 mes
Thanks Qt for this one. I saw it last week and was so in awe of this movie and indeed Anthony Hopkins. Brilliant movie that showed the extent of having a person with Alzheimer's disease and the damage that it does to all members of the family. Wonderful critique as always Qt and one can see why Anthony won the Oscar for his performance. Responder
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