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  hace 6 meses

Long Lazy Weekends are back! #BonusPoints

Happy Friday Influencers!

Clear your weekend and spend it here on the Toluna community! If you were here last week, you probably know there’s plenty of chance to earn lots of points but this long weekend is even better. Not only do we have a new limited-time game, a survey contest, but also another fun content contest.

This weekend’s content contest is a topic contest - Happy Hour on Toluna (all weekend long).

Create a topic by choosing one of our “specials” from our happy hour menu. Write at least 5 lines about the special you chose, including our title #HappyHour26 and an image to receive bonus points! But remember, you must create a topic before the end of the weekend, Sunday, 28th November at 23:59.

Happy Hour Specials:

Your favourite book | 1000 points
Your favourite candle brand | 500 points
Your favourite festive recipe | 500 points

Are you ready? We can't wait to see what you share.

Influence your world,
Toluna Team


  hace 6 meses
My favourite book is the trial of didan kimathi. It's so interesting.its about the life of an African hero
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  hace 6 meses
My favourite book is Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen.
Its a memoir by the author of her time in a psychiatric hospital after she tried to commit suicide. The book is informative about mental illness
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  hace 6 meses
I like Jerry Potter, and I love majics
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  hace 6 meses
Harry Potter books:my favourite.It was very nice book. I am still reading it even after 100 times. It interesting you see I am a fast reader so I completed the book in 1 day. It tells about how Harry Potter a wizard and how his parents were murdered so he had only one relative his mom's sister Aunt Petunia and her family. Then a letter arrives at his house but his uncle won't let him see it but a giant named Hagrid the gamekeeper says the truth that he was an wizard like he studied in the school Hogwarts the magic school and made some friends too. But he needed to save the philosopher stone from the deadly wizard named Lord Voldemort but the problem was his least favorite teacher Snape who Harry thinks works for Voldemort but that isn't the end but I don't want to be a surprise spoiler so read it yourself I felt it was a good book. How about you?HappyHour26
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  hace 6 meses
Fun topic! Thanks.
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  hace 6 meses
My favourite book is Secret daughter written by Shilpi Somaya Gowda. One thing about this book is that it easily captivates your attention from the beginning to the end, it allows you to feel a true connection to each and every character in the book, I highly recommend it. #HappyHour26
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  hace 6 meses
My favorite recipe for festive season is kota, I make it with my little girl. It's chips, cheese, acher, russian, vienna, bread, tomato sauce, mustard, chilli sauce, tomato, egg, cucumber, lettuce. It's yummy and delicious.
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  hace 6 meses
#HappyHour26 One of my favourite books has to be The Time Machine by H.G Wells. It's about a scientist who builds a time machine and travels to the future. He finds that humanity is divided into two races, the Ellis and the Morlocks. His machine disappears, so he explores the world.
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  hace 6 meses
My favourite book is uncoming to become by Ayanda Mangubane Borotho. In this personal memoir book Ayanda challenges and zooms into the social expectations ,cultural conditioning and people perceptions that sets narative that dictates the "self worth" for girls and women. #HappyHour26
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  hace 6 meses
I discovered the writer Sandra Brown, just love the mystery ,the build up, every time I think I know who the murderer is, more evidence appear, add a cup of tea, Nik Naks, some wine gums and total quiet..... a perfect combination...
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