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  hace 4 meses


This weekend I bought myself some Shea Butter body lotion from “The Body Shop” with my $20 PayPal gift from Toluna.

It is a very lovely product to use on the skin, however the proliferation of Shea Butter in cosmetics has the Shea Trees across the African Savannah falling at an alarming rate.

To read more visit

Only the opinion of the author, but it has made me think twice about consuming this kind of product in the future. Sad because it makes the skin feel and smell very nice. No smell-a-vision yet folks. Perhaps just as well when you think about it!


  hace 4 meses
I've been waiting some time for that. hehe, Naughty corner.
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  hace 4 meses
Thanks for the read qt and will take a look at the link, it looks like a lovely product and yes, a lot of things can have such an impact on the environment.
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  hace 4 meses
You are forgiven Qt after twisting my neck to see this. lol I have heard about this and do not buy it for that reason however I know that it is a wonderful product.
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  hace 4 meses
Buying some of the products we use we may be inadvertently causing problems at the other end where the ingredients are sourced from. Over the years I have become more aware of this from reading articles on health and environment.
Argan oil sourced from the argan tree in Morocco is endangered due to deforestation and this tree is a natural barrier to the advance of desert land. Once I found this out, I no longer buy the shampoo I was using.
I look at the consumables I buy from this angle now, and mostly find that supermarket brands are not always the best for the environment, and now buy more things online from businesses who specialise in supplying environmentally friendly products.
Any companies now whom I have bought things from who supply with non environment friendly packaging, I try to avoid and give them feedback about this and ask them to use recycled paper or popped corn in their packaging.
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  hace 4 meses
PS. Sorry that it’s upside down. It’s late and I am ready for beddiebyes.
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