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  hace 3 meses

Grand Mal

Samantha had a grand mal seizure yesterday. She hit the tiled floor pretty hard. Luckily I was there to break her fall a bit, although her head did crunch against the tiles. There was a sickening thud then the ordeal of the event. It seemed like an eternity but it was only a couple of minutes. I had my hand under her head so I could cushion the less severe blows as the jerky motions caused her to continually bounce her head on the hard surface. Being 110kg I had difficulty getting her off the ground when it was over.

She has recovered well but she will be sore where her body crunched to the floor. I also hit the ground with her, and I am feeling the effects today. Luckily she recovered well and is still sleeping peacefully this morning. It takes a few days to recover from these big ones.

Have you ever seen someone have a grand mal? It is very frightening especially when it’s a loved one.


  hace 3 meses
Yes i was diagnosed with Epilepsy some 22years ago following trauma to my brain.It is terrible for others to see but i am controlled now after treatment and daily medication
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  hace 3 meses
Sending thoughts your way qt, it is very hard when things like this happen to anyone especially a loved one, family or friend.
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  hace 3 meses
Yes, being ex nursing, had a number of patients over the years, also ex care worker, had a few clients who had epilepsy. I also had a childhood friend who was quite severe for years. We got to the stage where we would recognise her phasing out on us and make her lie down to avoid hitting her head, and clear anything from the area she could hurt herself on. In later teenage years she would recognise her own aura just before a fit. I hope your Samantha sleeps it off well and you both have something amazing happen for you both today.
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  hace 3 meses
It depends if it has happened previously.
I personally find it more difficult when it is a New Event than something that has happened previously and while not expected is at the very least not totally unexpected.
When it's not unexpected you at least know what you need to try to do so you swing into action and try to prevent as much damage as possible and do not really have time to think too much on what is happening.
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  hace 3 meses
How dreadful for both of you, very frightening. I remember seeing someone suffer one in the street in the UK but luckily an off-duty nurse was passing and helped her. Take care Qt and I hope you both recover quickly.
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  hace 3 meses
Not a nice experience for either of you Pretty Girl. I sincerely hope Samantha and you get through this alright.
My older sister aged 17 at the time had siezures after surgery for a cerebral aneurysm which caused a CVA. Thankfully my father's dedication and taking her down to the sea water for physio after he finished work every night helped her recover and go on and lead a productive life with just a small amount of numbness in her left foot.
One of the lucky ones if you can call it that.
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  hace 3 meses
Yes as a nurse and an Aunt.
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  hace 3 meses
I've seen my grandma many many years ago have an epileptic fit and that was enough for me. My parents seemed to know what to do to prevent her from hitting anything on her body and any furniture.
Glad to hear you and your daughter will recover from this one, you're such a good mum.
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  hace 3 meses
Yes, that is there.
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  hace 3 meses
No I've never seen someone have one, I hope you both recover quickly.
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