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  hace 3 meses

15 signs you’re a complainer and don’t know it:

Complaining is about who you are, not the world around you.
Ever notice how two people can experience the same thing and have opposite responses? One remains positive, even grateful. The other complains.

1. You don’t complain. You’re just being real.
2. You focus on mistakes like hogs focus on slop.
3. Your inner critic is your best friend. Beating yourself up is a sport. I’m not talking about pursuing excellence. I’m talking about using past failures as whipping posts.
4. You replay failure over and over.
5. Compliments embarrass you. If people knew the whole story, they wouldn’t compliment you.
6. Irritation is your normal response to most events.
7. You wonder why you can’t be like other leaders.
8. Playing ‘what if’ is your favorite past-time.
9. You call yourself a perfectionist. Nothing is ever good enough. Everything could be better and you let everyone know.
10. You don’t want people to feel too good about themselves. After all, most already over-value themselves.
11. You deflect corrective feedback with excuses and blame. The idea that you screw up is too hard to swallow. (See #9.)
12. You worry that people are taking advantage of you.
13. You never really live up to your potential.
14. You constantly make little improvements on other people’s ideas.
15. The last compliment you gave happened when Fred Flintstone was Mayor of Bedrock.

Complaining is about you, not others.

I know a few people like this in my life. What about you? I think some people have a masters in complaining and thrive on it...wonder if they know?


  hace 3 meses
I've known a few too! I've actually ditched them all as it's really tiresome listening to their constant moaning! (And that's not a case of me moaning by the way lol!)
1 comentarios


  hace 3 meses
Traditionally, Brits have had the opposite problem - we mutter and grumble, but don't complain to the right person in an outspoken, clear, assertive way...
For British people, the muttering and grumbling isn't meant to be taken seriously. It's a form of small talk that stems from our overwhelming desire not to appear to be boasting or grandiose. To us, people who are universally happy and fulfilled and joyous about how wonderful their life is are just showing off. Don't take our mutterings to heart :)
1 comentarios


  hace 3 meses
The only one that applies to me is the perfectionist one so I don't consider myself a complainer!
1 comentarios


  hace 3 meses
I'll complain if something is wrong Jade - prescriptions , deliveries, etc . I have no problem with that !
1 comentarios


  hace 3 meses
I hardly ever complain Jade but a lot of folk complain about me! :-) xx
1 comentarios


  hace 3 meses
Nice topic Jade! Do you think it's possible for someone who is a complainer to change their attitude and overall world view to become less of one?
1 comentarios


  hace 3 meses
I can match a few of those options, but certainly not all. :-)
In my younger days, I used to find that I would accept negative things that happened to me but would defend others when bad things were directed at them.
I don't think there is too much wrong with complaining or having a different view on things, if the complaint is made in a constructive or descriptive way. It should help all sides come to a resolution of at least an understanding (such as agreeing to disagree). I guess a sense of perspective helps too. :-)
1 comentarios


  hace 3 meses
You wont catch me complaining ~ everything is perfect here !
3 comentarios


  hace 3 meses
I think you're confusing "complaining" with holding a negative outlook on life or in other words being somewhat pessimistic. Complaining in general can be a driver for improvements in both goods and services J.
5 comentarios


  hace 3 meses
Your right Jade ...your in the right place to find them to :). a perfect analogy there of some people in real life ....or in fact on here look out for them :)
3 comentarios
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