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  hace 4 meses

Flashback To December

Today, I was going through all of my purchases (again) from the post holiday sales. My recurring thought was how little I bought for such mediocre sales.

Did you get any good bargains at the post holiday sales?

Thank you for sharing.

Please stay healthy!

Have a great day!


  hace 3 meses
our buying was low regardless of what kind of deals were going on. these past few months have been strickly budget aware
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  hace 3 meses
good bargains
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  hace 3 meses
Yes, I got some delicious food at Target on sale because they were in Christmas boxes.
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  hace 4 meses
Actually, even before Christmas got started up there is a company with 2 different names but basically same catalog/website items. The Lakeside Collection and LTD Commodities were offereing discounts with absolutely no minimum order for free shipping. They had a pattern and I know that I placed several orders which would've added up all together but in smaller purchases I felt like I got really great products for pretty great prices.....
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  hace 4 meses
No, I didn't find any good sales this year, what they called sale prices was really high to me so I didn't buy much.
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  hace 4 meses
I didn't shop any sales--pre or post. The few gifts that I give are gift cards--easier to mail that way.
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  hace 4 meses
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  hace 4 meses
I didn't shop after holiday sales. I didn't even look. I knew if I looked I'd buy things I didn't need.
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  hace 4 meses
Never seem to have enough money to take advantage of after-holiday sales (or before-holiday ones as well).
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