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  hace 3 meses

Blimey , they sure are old , aren't they ?

It's quite a surprising thought , but there are literally hundreds of living British Yew trees aged 3,000 years or more , particularly in Wales . This one , in Defynnog , Powys , is estimated to be around 5,000 years , similar to the age of Stonehenge and the Pyramids ! They have no extra protections than any other trees , which I find odd .
Maybe there needs to be a pressure group ? I've thought of a name . How about Yew 2 ? What do you think folks ?


  hace 3 meses
What's your favourite tree?
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  hace 3 meses
It's in the Brecon Beacons national park, I think, isn't it? so that will hopefully afford extra protection, being an AONB ... one would hope!?
Yew trees are extremely special. They're almost always planted in churchyards and cemeteries. Powerful protection against revenants :)
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  hace 3 meses
We could form the "Yew Liberation Front" (all ages welcome!)
5 comentarios


  hace 3 meses
I dont know about a name , but it sure need some anti wrinkle cream
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  hace 3 meses
Incredible!!! They should definitely be protected! Not sure what Yew 2 means..
1 comentarios


  hace 3 meses
Over the last decade we've had two self set yews appear in our garden.
They grew fairly fast & I've had to move them to a better position, not sure where the birds got the seeds because the nearest mature trees are not that close.
In the same period we've also had two Holly trees that had self set & both did better than the one I'd grown in a pot which died.
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  hace 3 meses
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  hace 3 meses
I wouldn't like to lean on it to long is all i say Steve in-case of timberrrr ....but see there its poisonous so its not one to hug that's for sure !
Tis a rather grand innings it has procured at the rip old age of 5000 though !
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  hace 3 meses
There are not many Yew trees near us.
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  hace 3 meses
Yew must be joking Steve. LOL. There's some dispute over the oldest tree in existence but there's a couple of bristlecone pines in California that have been shown to be 5070 years old. I seem to remember a low growing Yew in the middle east growing on a rocky mountainside that was said at the time to be over 20,000 years old .
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