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  hace 4 meses

Remind me , what year are we in ?

This took my breath away . A gay couple expressed an interest in buying a house in South London , and requested a viewing . They received this reply from the seller - "We're sorry if we seem intrusive, but we just want to make clear that we would be unwilling for two men in a partnership to view or buy our house . They even quoted the bible verse to support their thinking . Purple Bricks have taken the house off their site . What do you think folks ?


  hace 2 meses
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  hace 3 meses
People are still entitled to their own opinion be it morals or faith.
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  hace 4 meses
So the sellers rely upon a book of fiction in order to live their lives? Pathetic
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  hace 4 meses
This couple have a right to this particular "religious belief" only if they are following every single thing in their particular faith system... wearing mixed fabrics? Eaten shellfish? Coveting your neighbours a**? I'm afraid they can't claim they're making this choice down to their religion if they're not following everything the bible teaches them. I always thought their god was supposed to love all living beings anyway, love thy neighbour and all that... so I really can't see any genuine faith based reason for their choice. Rather, it feels like a personal prejudice and they're using faith to cover that.
2 comentarios


  hace 4 meses
Purple Bricks did the right thing, but equally the people selling their house have the right to sell to whom they choose.
We may disagree with their reasons, but there are other houses out there. I hope the young couple find somewhere equally nice.
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  hace 4 meses
Purple Bricks are to be applauded. This is despicable behaviour from the vendors, especially as they are leaving anyway - noone's moving in with them! I hope the guys find a nice place in a more-welcoming area.
2 comentarios


  hace 4 meses
That is just a disgrace; totally unacceptable; what business is it of anyone's who your relationship is with ....I hope they find a really good house and I also hope the bigots struggle to sell their property and get a low price, and good on Purple Bricks
4 comentarios


  hace 4 meses
Isn't this sort of bigotry both illegal and frowned upon in the bible (if you read it "correctly" almost everything is both frowned upon and exalted in the bible).
2 comentarios


  hace 4 meses
absolutely ridiculous philosophy in this day and age plus not good business in the vendors part, hopefully they will find something much better for a good price steve x
1 comentarios


  hace 4 meses
That is a disgusting attitude to have, good for purple brick for standing up for the rights of others, I hope no one buys the house
2 comentarios
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