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  hace 3 meses

My Orchid is not happy

Hubby bought me a beautiful Orchid for our wedding anniversary in December, I love them. In SA I would take them into the garden and plant them at the base of a tree and they would be so happy and flower away. This one is on a table by the window. One leaf has drooped terribly like a floppy ear. Leaves are still a rich green but is clearly not happy. I feed it with orchid water once a week and spray with orchid mist twice a week. Made no difference at all! Any green fingered folk here who can give me some advice?


  hace 3 meses
It’s beautiful! I think you’re just doing the right thing.
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  hace 3 meses
Leave it and it might come back
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  hace 3 meses
Sorry, I have no idea with any plants!
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  hace 3 meses
Sorry I don’t know anything about orchids. Hope it recovers
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  hace 3 meses
"My orchid is not happy" sounds like a secret password challenge between two spies in Hyde Park. The correct response is probably "The gingerbread man sees and hears nothing". Okay, so that's no help at all. Sorry.
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  hace 3 meses
Place your orchid in tepid water once a week and bang the pot so the water drops out. Use the feed you can buy in homebargins or give it mild solution of cough mixture and wster. Few drops in water.
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  hace 3 meses
depends on the variety I kept them for years and they thrived on neglect lol, warm tap water at the base and a bright but not sunny windowsill.
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  hace 3 meses
They are hard to keep hun no draft they like warmth I think , I might be a florist but I'm not the best with plants
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  hace 3 meses
They don't like dry heat, try putting it in the bathroom if you have enough light, it needs humidity.
2 comentarios


  hace 3 meses
They seem to like a windowsill in good light but not direct sunlight. In my experience they also seem to thrive on neglect!
2 comentarios
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